Sunday, September 11, 2011

[review] Ginvera's BB cream & Aqua whitening cream

Whitening Cream:
The texture is really nice, and it blends really well.
It's not sticky and it doesn't look oily on my skin. :)
Oh! It has a really nice scent too! :D

After blending:

BB cream:
It isn't like those normal BB cream, sticky sticky.
It is more watery than those normal ones.
Makes it easier to apply.
It also give a good coverage, better coverage than foundation i would say. :)
When i use this BB cream, i don't even need to use concealer.
It blends easily, and is suitable for all skin tone.
It looks really natural too!
It also feels light, not thick, and it is smooth on the skin.
However, it doesn't really give the matt finish for me on my T-zone, as i have rather oily skin around that area.
So i still have to finish off with my matt powder.

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