Thursday, January 12, 2012

Have no words to describe such a person, not worth of any words.

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First, i'm going to show you the convo between me and my exboyfriend on 23rd August 2011.
He agreed to return me my money.
But look who had to interfere and be unreasonable?
I don't even think the 'person' who interfered is real.
It's just him playing double roles. Psycho much.

Next is the convo between me and his girlfriend, or should i say ex girlfriend now?

We were acquainted via our blogshops thru facebook.
We were chatting away and boyfriend topic popped out?

Okay, so in between here i was telling her what he did to me when we broke up or on the day he broke up with me.
And she asked me to show her pictures of him.
Luckily i didn't delete my old blogs when he told me to.
He wanted to erase all evidence.

Okay, so even after all these, i still felt bad about telling the truth to her.
Felt bad for her because she had to be the next unlucky one to meet him.
Felt bad for him because i'm sort of like ruining his life?
I even kept telling her to give him a chance, maybe he's serious this time..
But after a few hours, i totally regretted it.
(see below 2 pics on why i regret).

And in the end he told me not to message him again?
hahaha, wtf.
he was the one that messaged me first, be it wrong person or not.


No matter how long your relationship is, it will turn fucked up in the end.
We were together for 3 years and 7 months, but look where it ended up.

Never trust someone so much, and do whatever they ask of you.
you'll end up regretting and feeling stupid.
GIRLS, please becareful of what guys you're meeting out there.
Don't be stupid like me.
Don't be so naive like me and believe the world is kind.
Don't believe in anyone other than yourself.

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  1. I never really read everything but i kind of get it..he wont return the money he owes u..the guy's a bastard..happened to me before and she's my the end she wont even answer my calls and msgs..ungrateful persons!