Saturday, July 17, 2010


Things have changed so much.
I'm slow in adapting to changes especially if it leaves a great impact in my life.
To say the truth, i'm not sure if it's because the pain is no longer there or i'm just getting used to it.
It no longer affects me that much to the extent that i'll be crying everyday.
I thought things had went back on the right track, but it all came crushing down on me again.
I really felt like giving up everything, I really felt like breaking down.
I'm now able to stop thinking and focus on watching dramas, animes and such. It really keeps my mind occupied.
Well, is it running away and not being able to face the truth?
I'm not sure.. But it sure is helping me.

I'm so used to being next to you
Life for me is not the same
Theres no-one to talk to
Don't know why I let it go too far
Starting over it's so hard
Seems like everywhere I try to go
I keep thinking of you

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