Thursday, July 22, 2010


I really wish to roll down the stairs and hit my head.
It'd probably be the easiest way out.
Yeah, I just want to run away and hide myself from all the problems.
It's just too tiring for me to keep going on.

I'm probably going to lock myself up at home.
Don't feel like going out at the moment.
I feel like I'll fall apart and break into tiny pieces if I do.
That's how insecure I feel.


  1. Hi there,

    I am just a random passerby. I thought this blog is kinda sad. And hence, here are just some words of encouragement from me which i hope u wont mind. Well, I used to have feelings just like you. I know you feel insecure; you don't know what to say or what to do. But u got to trust me, time will heal all wounds. But before that, you have to work at it a little bit and look ahead to find that bright light in your life. Try not to sit back and hold on to the past which you have no control over. Give yourself a chance to get out there and live each day to the fullest. I know its hard because you still feel the pain and sadness. However, u can try to take one step at a time. I believe as the time passes by, the pain will fade over time.

    In addition, never locked up your mind like I did in the past. I know ure scared of being hurt again and jaded by too many lies. But that’s the past. Now its about present and the future! =)

    Lastly and most importantly, never bottle up your thoughts and emotions. Its good that ure writing ur feelings down on this blog at least. On the other hand, I myself think that its always good to talk. Speak to someone if you have to. If u don’t feel like telling your story to your real-life friend, u can always drop me a msg. Trust me, you will feel good after some talkings, esp to a virtual online friend whom you don’t even know. Haha.

    Its ok if you don’t feel like talking right now, but just know that I am here to listen whenever ure ready.

    Cheers mate! Have a nice day ahead!

    Warmest Regards,

  2. Hi. :)
    Thanks! I'm feeling wayyyy better than before.
    But i still feel the pain sometimes.
    Like, somehow there'll always be a part of me missing no matter how much it heals. :(

  3. Well, its part of the healing process. But i believe sooner rather than later, u will find back your missing part. It can be you finally letting go of him or u have found another guy who worth your everything.

    And finally, stop emo-ing! haha =p

  4. Hahahaha, you sound like some people i know.
    I haven't given up!! haha :D

  5. haha maybe its because of the way i talked? But one thing for sure is that you dont know me and vice versa.

    Haven't given up as in? Haven't given up on him? Well, good luck then! Rmb, regardless of the choice you make, be it now or later, you got to believe that its always the right one!

    And finally, if you dont mind, you can leave behind your email; and i will get back to you. So at least you will know who you have been talking to all these while? Ain't you curiousssssssss?? hahaha! Hmm, not forcing you or whatsoever, the decision is up to u. Cheers!

  6. Haha, yep! The way you talk. :)

    Yeah, haven't given up on him. No idea whether it's wise to keep holding on.. But i will.

    Damn curious!! hahahaha.
    Why not you leave yours behind? hahaha.

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  8. Oh, haha.
    Just saw your facebook. :O
    2 mutual friends. wowowww.

  9. OMG, i forgot to tell you not to disclose my email, because everyone can see it! LOL. I shld be anonymous you know?! HAHA.

    Anw, add me la! And, is it possible for you to delete the previous comment?? lols

  10. Haha, omg.. It's been deleted alr.
    No idea whoooo.