Saturday, July 31, 2010

Random, I don't know what to put for the title



Went out with Tricia to get stocks for our blogshop; <
Then went to the studio for photoshoot, but :/ failureee. hehehe.
So decided to go back the next day(today).

Then we left, she cabbed to somewhere, i went to dhoby ghaut, wanted to take bus home.
But.. So freaking lazy, carrying so many stuffs as well.
So decided to go over to park mall to eat first, since i haven't eaten for the whole day.
When i went to park mall, suddenly so many thoughts/memories came rushing to my mind.
I tried so hard to control it while i was buying my food.
But when i sat down and starting eating, tears started flowing out of my eyes. :'(
So embarrassing, hope no one saw that, cause i kept looking down, using my hair to cover my face. xD
After eating, which was around 730pm, i went to the toilet to 'hide' till 8pm(after peak hour) so i can cab home. hehe.

Then when i reached home, CAMWHORE!!
And with my sister, i help her draw eyeliner, and thought her how to take photos. Hahaha.
But well, she's not that good yet!!

AIYA. TOO many photos la. Go to my FACEBOOK see ok? :D


Met Tricia at the studio today. <:
Then prepared and started the photoshoot!
I tried some. But i'm too ugly & fat :'<
So i deleted alot of photos. hehe.

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