Friday, October 7, 2011

Pissed Off

I'm so pissed off!! D:
Finally managed to do a good tutorial video on the gyaru inspired look, and the video got cut off near the ending part!! :'((((
The video only filmed up till the part where i put on the k-palette matte powder, didn't show the contouring and highlighting of the nose. :'(((((

OH well,
went to apply for my OCBC debit card yesterday,
and got myself the eyelid fibre for $4.90, i bought the cheap one first as i just wanted to try it out, and not wanting to waste $20+ for something i don't even know how to use. xD hehehe.

At westmall after applying for my debit card. heheh.

See the photo's i've taken to include in the tutorial video. :(
Now it's of no use. D:

Anyway, i've just finished editing the review for the skin79 hot pink bb cream! xD
I'm selling it!
there's a 5% discount going on!
Where else can you get such cheap skin79 products!! hehehe.

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