Sunday, October 2, 2011


Omg, i'm such a spendthrift!
But i feel as though as, if i don't get them, i'll regret it!!
And i can't sleep if i decide that i don't want to get them. :'(
I can just go to the web page the whole day and keep looking at the items,  contemplating on whether i want to get them or not.
But usually, i just get them in the end. OMGGGGG.
> :'(
Why am i like that!

I want to get the BB cream in Hot Pink from Skin79, or the Oriental Gold one! UGH DK WHICH TO GETTTT. :'(
The oriental one is more expensive as it's better and comes with it's own cheek and lip cream. WOWWWW. <3
And the both bb cream have pretty much the same effects.
It's from korea!
And you know just how great korea's BB creams are, just take a look at their complexions! D:
And Jolin Tsai from taiwan is one of their spokesperson(?) i think?!?!

this is the oriental one!

and this is the hot pink one!


OHOH, and i also want to get this blazer from OSF! <3
Walau, i like got so many things i want to get every week.

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