Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maybelline Pure Eraser Healthy Mineral Foundation [Review + Demo]

As you can tell from the title of this post! :)

I'll rate this foundation 4/5 because i absolutely love it!

The packaging is really really cute and i love it! I've always wanted to get the Age Rewind one, but it isn't available in Singapore, and i'm kinda lazy to wait for it to be shipped from the US. :(
And it also comes with an extra sponge so you can change and wash them frequently! :)

I was initially kind of sceptical about this product, that is why i didn't get it myself.
But I am SOOO GLAD that my mum got it and she bought the wrong shade. xD And now i have such an awesome foundation!
It is super light weight, it doesn't feel like a foundation at all. It feels even lighter than BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers. And trust me.. I have used A LOT of BB Creams because i used to be a BB Cream fanatic. ><
It is also very thin, and I believe it's a medium coverage.
And powder is not needed to set this foundation because by itself, it can last at least 6 hours, even in Singapore's sweltering heat!
I did not blot at all for the time that i was out, and i am really happy about it! Because when I got home and looked in the mirror, there was only a little shine!

I will definitely repurchase this foundation again if the price drops. But now i'm still undecided on whether i would repurchase this if i used it up, or lost it. D:
But i'm definitely in love with this foundation now! I'm using it everyday when i go out! ^^

FYI, i have a combination to oily skin, and m T-zone tends to get SUPER DUPER OILY, like i'm an oil producer. :(
EWWW> sounds gross even though i said it myself. D:
If you love the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation like me, but find it too heavy to use for everyday. You might love this Maybelline foundation! Because i am!!!


  1. I've never even seen this in the US. It definitely sounds interesting though from your review. I'm pretty sure a lot of people love the concealer from this line though because I always see it in drugstore favorite videos on youtube.

    1. I believe in the US, it's the Age rewind one. This is just a different version of it to 'suit Asian skin'. haha.
      Yes! I've seen a lot of people using the concealer too!
      But there's only 2 shades available in Singapore, and they are too dark for me. :( I've always wanted to try it out.

  2. Giirrll..i really love your review and i also use the product. Just wanna ask, i apparently allergic to Bysmuth Oxychloride, one of the ingredient in the Product. It caused itchy and blotchy skin every time i finished using it. I am so desperate about it, but what to do. I second your review about how good the product is. Its soo sooo true!! If it is not because my allergic, i would list this foundation as my holy grail and stock it up like a war time.

    My question, have you found other brand or product that has the same quality as this one? please please do recommend one for me as i need to find a replace.

    thanks dear..

    1. Hi dear!
      I'm glad you liked my review! :(
      Sad to hear about your allergy, because it's a really nice product!
      Hm, I'll just list down the foundations/ bb creams/ cc creams that I've tried after this foundation? :)

      1. Bare Minerals' loose powder foundation in the matte formula, and i love it!! I think it's really great for the weather in Singapore, and since it's a mineral foundation, it didn't clog my pores as much as other foundations.

      2. Bare Minerals' compact power foundation, it has a really great staying power, but it's actually kind of hard to work with, like blending it out, since it really 'stays in place'.

      3. The Face Shop CC cream. I really really loveeee this CC cream!! Except that I think it breaks me out. D: (not sure if it broke me out, or the stress my exams during the period i tried this CC cream.) But I will try it again!

      4. Laneige BB Cushion. A lot of people are loving this, I really want to love it too. :( I love how it applies initially, and blends into my skin really nicely.. But after awhile, it gets kind of patchy. Because of the weather in Singapore, I perspire quite a lot when waiting for the bus or trains.

      P.S I feel that the Face Shop CC Cream is the most similar to the Maybelline Foundation. :)
      And I'll be doing videos using other BBs & CCs from Etude House! So do keep a look out! And sorry for this reaaallyyy long reply. :(