Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Make UP!

First things first, have been so damn bored because of school. :(
So borwing and i hate it. :(

I bought some make up from smoochiezz, and i LOVE IT! <3
Oh right!
And i got myself some demi lashes from Face Shop! LOVE IT TOO!

First off, the NYX felt tip eyeliner.
It makes drawing really easy compared to the other liquid eyeliners as the tip is not flexible which makes it easier to control.
But it can also be a con, as it is really hard and sharp at the tip, which can hurt your eyes.
But i still love it! hehe.

Next, it is the NYX cream blush.
I have not tried blusher before, but i've seen some tutorial using blushers and i was tempted into trying, hehe.
Felt that powder blushes are too cakey, so decided to try the cream one!
It adds color to my pale face. xD
I'm very white!!!! or ghostly. -.-
I put really little on, so you can't really tell from the pictures.

It's the demi lashes from Face Shop!
I thought that criss cross lashes would look unatural and fake, but i was wrong!!
These demi lashes look damn natural! :D :D
Because i got really short lashes, so i need demi lashes to help me even if i put mascara on. :(

Picture of me wearing the demi lashes & mascara.
Can't tell they're fake lashes right!
Like just mascara that's really good in adding length. :D

Some pictures i took today!
Can't tell that i'm wearing the blusher because just enough to be able to add a little colour in real life, but not visible on camera. :(
Shall try adding more next time!
Hope won't look like monkey backside. :(

Some photos i took a few days back!

And i feel this picture looks very nice!!

And this photo from my iPad!
I think it looks really nice because you can see a tinge of pink on my cheeks. hehe.
Like a shy leh. xD

Going already la.
Want to watch my show! HEHEH.

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