Friday, November 25, 2011

Ulzzang Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hello! xD
Finally done with the Ulzzang Inspired Makeup Tutorial! :D
I really love this look, and i've been using more of this make up style lately! :)

I've recently fallen in love with clipping my fringe up as it's growing really long, i intend to keep it and let it grow longer, so clipping up really helps!

Other than the Ulzzang Tutorial in the video, i've included a short braided fringe tutorial in it.
It's really simple, and everyone can do it as long as your fringe is long enough!
It's simple yet nice, both the Ulzzang make up tutorial, and the braided fringe tutorial.

Photos first!
To give you a gist of the end product of the Ulzzang Makeup and the Braided fringe. :)

Okay, so here is the video!! :D

Help me like the video! :D
Many thanks! <3

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