Sunday, March 4, 2012


haven't blogged in such a long long time!!
hehe, so lazy, and got no pictures to blog. D:

OH, before i start.
Should i do a video on DIY eyelid primer?
xD xD

Okay, so i was very free and bored yesterday, so i camwhored some before going out. :)
And even took some shots of one of my top to be put up for sale. <3

These 2 pictures were taken a week ago i think! hehe
When i just dyed my hair dark brown.

And i got this pair of wedges from Jurong Point at $30 last month!
Love it so much!
But haven't gotten the chance to wear them out yet. D:

And of course cannot miss out some camwhore shots right!! ><
Super love the color of my hair in these pictures.
BUT after washing my hair for so many days/weeks the bleached color is starting to appear under sunlight again. :(
hate it. is there anyway to remove the bleached color?

So here are the shots i took of me wearing the apparel that i wna put up on facebook for sale.
The last one just random ok!

Anyway, the main point of this post is this new top i got from some online blogshop!
Looks exactly the same as the photos they provided.
And material damn good! xD
I got a similar top from FEP but the material is like MEHHHH.
So scared it tear everytime i wear it. -.-
Especially when i carry my bag.

Shall save the other camwhore photos for the next blogpost! jeheheehhehe.

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  1. congrats for your new blog and you still cute :D

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