Friday, March 30, 2012


Will be holding a give away again!
This time is for my personal blog, not my online store! xD

So, here's a video on the sample products that i'll be giving away!

i am NOT in any way responsible for the descriptions below. They are provided by their respective websites that have descriptions!
i am only sharing these samples for those whom wishes to try out different products. 
I will NOT be responsible if you have skin irritation or something! xD


1. Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer in #1 Pure: Diamond Radiance, Excellent adhesion, moisturizing effect and nutrition supply.

2. Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer in #2 Brilliant: Aurora Radiance, Pearl and moisture radiance; glossy and shimmering skin effect.

3. Etude House Collagen Moistfull Enriched Cream: Oil + Water Mixture Base. Excellent Moisturizing and nutrition of Baobab tree seed oil and Collagen Moisturize and supply reiliance. Whipping cream-like  Moisturizing Cream for skin lack of oil & moisture.

4. Etude House Be Clear Moisturizer SPF 30/PA++ : Mulberry extracts. Brightens and makes your skin silky smooth. Protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

5. Etude House Dress Room Sweet Look Body Wash: Dressing room wearing a dress from the Baby Doll seems sweet fruity perfume complex to feel the mood throughout the day contained a lasting perfume scent.

6. Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Essence Primer: Moisturizing makeup primer masks pores to subdue sebum and improve makeup coverage.

7. Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint: Tint promotes moist and shiny cherry lips with a creamy, smooth texture.

8. Etude House Pomegranate Mask: Essence mask that contains a pomegranate additives that nourish for a healthy complexion. It has a tension fit design for improved adhesion and comfort.

9. The Face Shop FACE it Power Perfection BB Cream, SPF 37: A total skin treatment BB Cream reenergizing the skin through power lifting, power moisturization and power correcting effects. Wrinkle improvement + whitening + sunscreen... with an airy touch formula, it adheres in a thin layer as light as air yet flawlessly covers skin blemishes for a lustrous, healthy skin appearance.

10. InnisFree Camellia Essence Shampoo: Formulated with camellia from Jeju island. Provides moisture and nutrition for hair and scalp. Makes damaged hair elastic and healthy. No parabens, artificial pigments, mineral oil, animal ingredients.


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3. Leave a comment for this blog post with the following format as a guideline.

     Friend on FB or Follower on Twitter?/ name:
     Any tutorial requests?:
     Why you should win this give away:

Winners will be decided on the reason(s) you provided! :)




  1. Name: Woon Jia Hui
    Friend on FB or Follower on Twitter?/ name: Both. Facebook - Jia hui
    Twitter : @Jiahuilovinlife
    YouTube name: xJiahui997
    Any tutorial requests?: Hair care routine.
    Why you should win this give away: I deserve to win this giveaway because I'd like to try out these samples before getting the full product :) thanks for this giveaway gorgeous! ♥

  2. Name:Kendall Harinesme
    Friend on FB or Follower on Twitter?/ name: fb: kendall harinesme
    Any tutorial requests?:hair updo tutorial or OFTD
    Why you should win this give away:really want to win something...for once...and would love to try new products!^^ and my b-day is in april, would be a nice b-day gift

  3. Name : Liew Yi Xuan
    Friend on FB or Follower on Twitter?/ name: yyixuanliew [twitter]Liew Yixuan [facebook]
    Any tutorial requests?: Make up tutorial .
    Why you should win this give away:Hmm , basically because i have never win any give away before so i wanted to try , hope i can win and the next reason is that i love all kind of face make up or any facial care as i always wantaed to look good whenever i go or take oicture with my friend , seeing your face so nice so i was thinking did you use all those facial thing to do your face and i wanted to try so my face will be as nice as yours . (:
    xoxo , hope i will get it and may god bless you .

  4. Name: Alice Wang
    Friend on FB or Follower on Twitter? both. name: facebook-Mainly Instocks, twitter-shiri_wang
    Any tutorial requests: nope
    Why you should win this give away: i should win this giveaway bcos i love etude house and their products! i am also a fan of kpop and i can see alot of kpop stars uses those products and is very effective. i also wanted to try out new products as most of my beauty products and cosmetics are starting to get expired so this is a good chance for me to try out those samples to decide on what to buy next! :D

  5. Valerie Silver
    just friended u on facebook (valerie silver)
    could you do some bb cream reviews?
    and i should win this because i have been looking into trying new products. my skin has been breaking out a lot and is really messed up ever since i was on an anti-inflamatory steroid for crohns. also, just discovered bb creams so i realllyy wanna try as many as i can :) also, eerything just looks so cool and would be nice to have/try. i normally have to spend my money on other things (gas, doctor visit co-pays, taking my nieces places) so it would be nice to get some free stuff and if their good i konw i wont be wasting money on buying the items.

  6. Name: Jeanelle
    FB : Jeanelle Yourmama.
    Twitter : @wantingplanesz.
    Any tutorial requests?: Basic make up tutorial for beginners.
    Why you should win this give away:
    I deserve to win this giveaway becuz I would like to try out these prodcuts. I believe that I'll love the products after trying them out. After all, I am a regular reader of your blog and I believe that I'll be pleased to be able to try the products which you've recommended.

    Thanks, :)