Friday, March 16, 2012


Hello! :D
I found this picture of a nail design on tumblr a few days ago, and i decided to do it on my own nails!
I can't find the picture :( Shall upload it another time.

Anyway, i went to Face Shop and got some nail polish. :)

Then here's the first look of my nails! :D

hehe, quite nice right!!! xD But baby says it's ugly. :'(
Then i thought about it, and i just couldn't paint it on my right hand! Well, because i'm right handed, and my left hand is like so useless. :(
So i decided to get those fake nails, which i can just paint on my own design and stick them on!! :D :D

I think the results are not bad!

hehe, camwhore pics i said i would post in the next post!

Shall end this post here! <3

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