Thursday, May 24, 2012

Autumn Bunnies 5th Collection & photoshoot

Today was the photo shoot for my webstore (Autumn Bunnies) 5th collection!

So here are just some behind the scenes before the model (Jing Qi) came xD

So i setup the lights, backdrop, and here are some pictures of the rack of clothings, and some heels/wedges to match along.
There were some more clothes behind the clothes in front, in case you were wondering. :)

And i took out some makeup so and put them aside so it'll be easier for me to see what i'll be needing and using later on on the model. :)

Here's the sofa bed where i sleep, and sit to take photos when there are photoshoots.

And here are some accessories i placed on the table. :)

And i was testing the lighting with a mannequin before she came. :)

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST! How can i miss this out! xD
Ending this post with a picture of myself! hehehehe

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