Saturday, June 30, 2012

Simple Everyday Eye

So many posts now. ahaha.
A few days later nothing to post again. :(

So anyway, if you all have been following me on my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you should know that i redeemed an Eyeshadow Trio palette from Sephora. :)

So this is how the palette looks like, it's a picture that i posted on my Instagram! xD

And soo... i decided to do a simple tutorial using this palette!! :D :D
Here's the end look,

It's really simple and easy to do!
And i'm soooo in love with this look, but i'm really lazy to apply eyeshadows everyday when i head out.
I'll try to put in more effort when i do my make up when i'm going out. :X

So ending off with a face off mine + it's a close up of the make up when i open my eyes as well. hehehe.

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