Sunday, August 15, 2010

. . .

I will no longer trust,
I will no longer believe.
For nothing is everlasting, and nothing someone else says is ever real.
I've learnt my lesson for giving my all, I've learnt my lesson for even trying, I've learnt my lesson for even putting in any effort.
Yeap, I've learnt alright.
I'll never make the same mistakes again.
Those sweet nothings never last for long.
They only last till the new gets old.
They only last till they find something new.

Everytime i promise myself that I'll stop trying, I'll stop holding on..
But i can't seem to do that.
I don't know why.
I feel more as a whole trying to hold on.
If i don't, if you don't even reply me, I feel so empty, so restless that i feel like just staying at home and rotting on my bed doing nothing.

And right,
I've realised that;
If you wna have love, you'll need money.
Only money can sustain a relationship in the long run, only money can keep it going.
:) Cheers everyone.
If you have no money... just give up on love.

Oh and right.
Don't trust anyone but yourself.
I repeat again.. DON'T trust ANYONE but yourself.
Even the one you thought you know the best, the one that's the closest to you.. DON'T TRUST.

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